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Due to the smoothnon-absorbing exterior surfacetight outside diameter (De) Tolerances and light weight construction, GRP Jacking Pipe Systems experience the lowest jacking loads in the industry.

With today’s growing urban areas and busy, developed cities and towns, it is at times impractical to tackle a job with an open trench excavation approach. In some cases, it’s not practical to disrupt surface conditions to install, replace or repair underground piping systems. Trenchless technology is ideal for this scenario. It is designed for micro-tunnelling and jacking which utilises the attributes of the GRP composite materials. The GRP internal pipe surface provides a corrosion resistant barrier which is pressure rated, while the inner and outer layers of the composite provide the structural strength to withstand the often extreme forces required to jack the pipe.

GRP Jacking Pipe is suitable for use in pressure, non-pressure and trenchless applications for potable, non-potable, industrial and sewer systems.

The pipes' small outside diameter in relation to the inside diameter leads to an array of advantages. For instance, smaller machines are required for the pipes, which means lower equipment and lease costs; expenses for construction site and thrust pit preparation can be substantially reduced. Adequate joints and fittings for every application ensure a complete leak-tight system.

Benefits of Jacking Compared to Traditional Construction

  • No open trenches required – pipes are installed without the general public noticing
  • Towns and landscapes do not suffer from the construction work
  • Falls in water table level, which affect vegetation, can be prevented
  • Due to the tight wall thickness of HOBAS Jacking Pipes relatively small amounts of soil are excavated and removed
  • No special storage areas are needed for materials and equipment
  • Traffic disruption is kept to a minimum
  • HOBAS Jacking Pipes can be installed irrespective of the weather conditions
  • Residents nature and the environment are protected from noise, dirt and vibrations
  • Damage to nature is substantially lower than with the open-cut method
  • Carbon emissions are considerably lower during construction and from traffic, as congestions can be prevented.